Welcome to SequoiaSong Publications where we give voice to authors around the world.

We’re a small, independent press located in the heart of the coastal redwoods in Northern California, USA, specializing in poetry, fiction, and picture books.

We believe everyone has a story to tell as the sun wanders toward the horizon, a poem to rap out as the first day’s light shines through, or an artistic creation to spotlight as proof of the muse, but only together can we blend these creations into the song of our times. It’s our goal to help folks around the world, many first time authors, find their voice and send it out to the world as part of this song.

We named our press after the genus of trees known as Sequoias. ¬†They sing in the tree tops while spreading their nutrients underground, from root to root, through a forest that contains many species of trees and plants. Through this communal relationship, further life abounds. In the same way, it’s also our goal to grow our community by spreading the nutrient rich stories of our authors, much like the Sequoia trees do. Through social media, community partnerships, school fundraisers, and special discounts for bulk orders, we hope to enlist a forest of people to spread our song.

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