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The Bridge by David Holper

Image of the Cover of the book, The Bridge, by David Holper

A collection of award winning poetry by David Holper that walks with us by candleflame, side-by-side, as we put one foot in front of the other on the bridge that takes us from the depths of darkness behind us to the greater mouth of darkness ahead.  

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Song of Six Rivers by Zev Levinson

Song of Six Rivers cover art

This epic poem relates one man’s life-changing experiences throughout the Humboldt Bay region of northern California, depicting the area’s geography and history along the way, through both poetry and archival photography. When the muse of this work, Guy Kuttner, died unexpectedly, Zev Levinson heard his voice imploring him to sing of the land they both love. As a roving teacher, Zev had come to know the Six Rivers terrain and communities intimately. He put his pen to the task of meeting Guy’s daunting challenge, confronting mortality and loss as he ventured to understand our connection to earth.              

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Let the Dance Begin: Greetings From Humboldt by Peter K. Jain

Let the Dance Begin Cover Art

“Through Let the Dance Begin, Peter Jain invites us to explore the mystical path to freedom. Inspired by the mountains of the rain and fog, his poetry combines with a photographic collection to foster a communion of nature and spirit.  This work captures the heart of Humboldt county, California and records a small piece of our legacy.  In the canyons of Eden, the dance begins.”

— PAUL RICKARD, Humboldt Open Air Watercolor Painter

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Can Emu Really Sing Jambo?/¿Puede Emu Cantar Realmente Jambo? by Peter K. Jain

How do you reach an angry student who is shutting down and doesn’t care? The answer lies in a song, a bird the color of blueberry pie, and the flight of imagination.Illustrated by 36 South Bay Union Elementary students, this book showcases collaboration between public schools, HSU Press and Sequoiasong. 50% of the proceeds of the sale of this book go to support South Bay Union Elementary School’s music, art and library programs!

“This book is an inspiring collaboration between students and the community. I hope it will encourage other students and teachers.”

—Dave Silverbrand, Humboldt County KIEM-TV and Times-Standard journalist

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